Sunday, June 27, 2010

my secret to a crack-proof cookies =)

Posted by cik ayu at 3:15 PM

ingat tak dulu, i have this problem: cracked cookies! disebabkan ini lah cookies yg cik ayu deliver slalu short in numbers.. kurang sekeping, kurang 2 keping, paling bnyk in cik ayu's record - kurang 4 keping =( . tp alhamdulillah my customer ni semua sabar2 org nya.. slalu diorang ckp, "takpe la kak... lgpon dulang saya kecik je.."

and recently i discovered something, dgn bantuan encik 'google' la.. =) artikel tu ckp every oven is different from one to another. which means, even sometimes a recipe states that u have to bake the cookies at certain temperature, that temperature might not be the 'right' temperature for your oven. so kalau kite tak dpt cookies that is not as crispy as it should be (kalau bahasa cik ayu, cik ayu ckp - peroi, tak rangup), try increase your baking temperature!

so i went and increased my baking temperature, slightly higher.. and guess what, it works! cookies cik ayu is more crispy. and the best part is less cracked cookies!

p/s: resipi cik ayu suh set temperature at 180 degC. cik ayu set nak dekat2 190 degC.

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