Thursday, June 10, 2010

ina's engagement mini cakes & cookies: part 2

Posted by cik ayu at 1:43 PM
alhamdulillah.. today cik ayu selamat deliver mini cakes and cookies utk ina's engagement. here are the mini cakes! 5 ketul semuanya.

ni kira mcm ulang tayang la ye =)

these are the cookies utk ina. o ya, cik ayu berjaya! this time, no cracked cookies ya! =)
gone dotty!
the packed cookies

p/s: oven cik ayu masuk spital =( *sigh*


lesson learnt: don't stack your iced cookies directly on top of each other. the 'oil' from the cookie on top will smudges the colour of iced cookie at the bottom!

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