Monday, October 4, 2010

for DD again =)

Posted by cik ayu at 10:07 PM
ini repeat order dr DD. kali ni utk majlis cukur jambul baby amanda. the order: 200 pcs cookie lolly and 4 sets of edible image cookies. the theme: fairy tale.

cik ayu pernah nampak satu cookies nih, sgt cantek.. the baker tinted the cookie dough with colours. so this time, i tried them out ~ the purple, yellow and pink coloured cookies. the green and turqoise cookies ~ i iced them.

mix shape cookie lolly: butterfly, heart & star with sprinkle on the edge

cookies with amanda name on it
baby amanda yg commey unicorn, royal carriage and fairy with her magic wand

castles and tiara

for DD, cik ayu mintak halal ape terkurang. =) (rasa mcm bnyk jek yg cik ayu lupa.. sedihnye la...)

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